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Unit 1/17 Liuzzi Street
PO Box 562
Hervey Bay QLD 4655

Phone: 07 4128 3866
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Email: bruce@ttecs.com.au

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Pricing & product features

DCS2 is a versatile product and we look forward to integrating it into more work environments around Australia and even possibly the world. If you are interested in implementing DCS2 into your work environment please contact us. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements to develop a system to suit you and your workflows.

Features Overview Inclusions
Improve current processes
Generate more output from your organisation
Offer new services to your customers
Attract new business
Streamline & decrease costs
Increase satisfaction among current customers
Integrate other feature-building systems
Reduce inventory paperwork
Faster & more efficient inventory turns
Effective stock management
Useful reporting functions